Roll Panel Vent / Eaves Baffle G502 (6mtr x 650mm)


The VENT Systems Roll Panel Vent G502, also referred to as an Eaves Baffle or Insulation Guard, is designed to establish a 25mm air gap between the insulation and the underside of the roofing underlay, ensuring seamless airflow through the eaves into the roof cavity.

Utilising the G502 allows for the seamless installation of insulation batts into the eaves, above the wall plate, without any gaps or uneven layers. Studies have shown a significant reduction in energy loss attributed to improper insulation placement in the eaves, thereby contributing to the attainment of Energy Star ratings.

This product guarantees compliance with the National Construction Code 2022 Vol 1: F8D5 / ABCB Housing Provisions Standard 10.8.3.

Featuring a castellated profile, the G502 streamlines installation by laying across the top of the roof trusses or rafters in parallel to the eaves. Its adaptability includes easy trimming and installation from within the roof cavity, making it suitable for retrofit projects.


  • Ensures unimpeded airflow through the eaves
  • Ensures compliance with NCC 2022 10.8.3 – FD85
    • 20mm gap above insulations
  • Compatible with Concrete and Colourbond roofs
  • Prevents need for heal height adjustments
  • Prevents cold spots
  • Negates the need for reduced insulation at the eaves
  • Energy star rating efficiencies
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to install