The VENT Systems Lap Vent G630 is a ventilation product that is designed to provide High-level ventilation for concrete tiled roofs.

Applying the G630 to the highest level of horizontally laid membrane, within 900mm of the highest point of the roof, ensures compliance with the National Construction Code 2022 Vol 1: F8D5 / ABCB Housing Provisions Standard 10.8.3, ensuring superior performance.

The G630 creates high-level ventilation that allows airflow to exit the roof space. Each G630 has a free open area of 3,000mm² per unit.

Designed for Concrete Tile roofs the G630 is suitable for new construction projects as well as re-roofing applications.

This vent can be used independently or in conjunction with other VENT Systems products to create a comprehensive passive ventilation system.


  • Meets DTS requirements
  • Designed for concrete roof tiles
  • Provide high level ventilation ensuring compliance with NCC 10.8.3:F8D5
  • Free open area of 3,000mm² per unit
  • Requires no change to soft fix ridge capping
  • Must be used with horizontally laid sarking
  • Requires no fixings of any kind
  • Easy to install
  • For new build or retro fit